The Healing Power of Salt

Salt has the power to heal or harm. Knowing which salt to choose can make a big difference to our health.   


Knowing which salts are beneficial, which are harmful or whether to consume salt at all are questions that can often leave us confused and wondering. While we may be encouraged to reduce our intake of ‘salt’, this is only one part of the salt story.

Unfortunately, most of the salt in our modern diet is refined table salt, a dry salt that is primarily comprised of sodium, chloride and synthetic additives. Heat extracted to remove all moisture, it lacks in ocean brine, a rich mineral composition where many of the minerals of salt are located. By lacking these minerals, refined salt cannot perform many of the mineralising functions of an unrefined salt, one of them being to counteract excess sodium in the body.   

An ocean salt that has been sourced from clean ocean water, hand harvested and sun dried retains all the elements of the ocean. There are over 90 minerals and trace elements from the ocean, each working in correct balance with the other to produce a powerful effect on our health.

With its full complement of over 90 minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, iodine and potassium, ocean salt is one of the best salt choices we can make. Whether we are using it with food, as a skin exfoliant or as a bath salt, ocean salt will deliver powerful healing benefits for inside and out.

Some of the important minerals found in ocean salt are: 

  • Potassium: eliminates the build up of sodium in the cells 

  • Magnesium: relieves headaches, eases muscle tension

  • Iodine: maintains healthy thyroid function 

Considered a universal panacea, ocean salt can relieve many conditions that affect the health of our skin, sleep, digestion and nervous system. 


Ocean salt has the remarkable ability of performing many healing functions vital to our health.

skin health.jpg

improves skin health

Our skin is one of the best paths for mineral absorption and elimination, so a perfect way to improve our skin’s health is to bathe and clean with ocean salt. Exfoliating is also a wonderful way to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation.


Restores Good Digestion

Unrefined salt is fundamental in the digestion process as it preserves the acid base balance in the body.   Adding a pinch of unrefined salt to fruit and salads not only flavours the dish but helps facilitate the digestive process. Adding some salt to a glass of warm water produces a wonderful alkaline effect on the body.


maintains cellular health 

It is known that good health depends on the most delicate balance between salt and water. Together with potassium they play a vital role in maintaining the health of our cells, regulating the water content of the body. Water cleans and extracts toxic waste from the cells and salt balances the amount of water that is held outside the cells. Choosing an unrefined salt, rich in natural minerals is one of the best salt decisions we can make for cellular health. 


Strengthens the Nerves

The correct balance of sodium is vital to the functioning of the nervous system as water and salt together preserve healthy serotonin and melatonin levels in the brain. A primary cause of sleep problems and headaches is thought to be magnesium deficiency and since magnesium is present in ocean salt, this is a natural remedy. There are also trace amounts of lithium contained in ocean salt, a natural hypnotic that can bring balance to our thoughts and sleep.